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HomeDermatologyAll-In-One Package

Grand Dermatology Center


Customized solution for
each skin concerns

Wrinkle, Elasticity/ Neck/ Lower eyelid/ Pores/ Glowing skin/ V line

Special customized plan based on skin type

Grand’s All-In-One Package Deal


Complex customized solution based on
various skin type

As various skin troubles are treated with not only one but multiple procedures, the effect can be maximized leading to a high level of satisfaction.


Professional skills prove instant result
right after procedures

Skin concerns such as skin aging, large pores, dull skin tone can be changed into bright and glowing skin immediately after the procedures with a precise diagnosis, piled up know-how and long clinical experience of the dermatologist.


Latest equipment &
Premium system

We offer premium system by fully equipping the latest dermatology equipment for various skin troubles.


Fast, simple improvement on
skin concerns

Skin concerns can be solved without bruising or major swelling by simple procedures done with local or sedation anesthesia.

Grand All-In-One package

Premium system

The most effective treatments for individual skin concerns are organized as a package to improve the
problematic skin to be clean and clear, aged skin to be young and beautiful.

Solution for types of skin concerns with Grand's Dermatologists

Choice for healthy, beautiful skin

Find the answer to your
skin concern with
Grand's All-In-One package

Customized solution for each skin type and concerns to create
beautifully glowing skin with satisfactory results.

Reversing time, anti-aging

Wrinkle & Elasticity
Magic Package

*IV Sedation

200 shots
900 shots
Rejuran healer
2 cc
If you have lost skin elasticity due to aging, gravity, and UV rays causing the skin to sag and wrinkles to form in diverse depths, reverse time with Wrinkle/ Elasticity package, which is effective on elasticity and wrinkle improvement

High-intensity ultrasound + high energy
+ collagen generation!

Wrinkle improvement, elasticity improvement, and lifting effect all at once!

  • 01

    Wrinkle improvement

  • 02

    Skin sagging improvement

  • 03

    Skin tone improvement

  • 04

    Skin elasticity enhancement

  • 05

    Facial contour improvement

Erasing neck lines without surgery

Erasing neck lines without surgery

If the aging process has affected your neck as well due to excessive neck wrinkles,
start taking care of it with Grand's neck tightening package and improve your wrinkly,
saggy neck to be firmer and achieve a younger look!
Quattro A
  • Doublo 300shots
  • Belotero 1cc
  • Skin Botox
  • Rejuran Healer 2cc
Quattro B
  • Ulthera 300shots
  • Belotero 1cc
  • Skin Botox
  • Rejuran Healer 2cc

Solution for fresher, younger eyes

Lower Eyelid Lifting Package

Triple A
  • Eye Ulthera
  • Rejuran Healer
  • Skin Botox
Triple B
  • Eye Thermage
  • Rejuran Healer
  • Skin Botox
If the wrinkles around your eyes make you look older!
Achieve younger looking eyes with Grand's Lower eyelid Lifting Package

What makes Lower eyelid lifting
procedures special

  • Eye Ulthera

    Lower eyelid wrinkles improvement

  • Eye Thermage

    Lower eyelid
    lifting effect

  • Rejuran Healer

    Gives volume on lower eyelid depression

  • Skin Botox

    Makes sagging eyes firmer

Golden time to shrink the dilated pores

Quattro Pore
Rebalancing Package

  • Hydro

  • Intracel

  • Rejuran

  • Skin Botox

Effect of Quattro pore Rebalancing

  • 01

    Pore tightening

  • 02

    Skin elasticity

  • 03

    Scar pore

  • 04

    Skin regeneration

Beautifully glowing morning skin

Sleeping Glow Shining Package

*IV Sedation

  • Rejuran Healer 2cc

  • PRP

  • Filorga Chanel

  • Skin Botox

Beautiful skin that glows in the morning!
From dull and lusterless skin to healthy, younger skin that glows without make up!

Feel your glowing skin right after the treatment

  • Glowing skin texture

    Shining effect
  • Dull Skin tone improvement

    Whitening effect
  • Smooth facial line

    Tightening effect

Sagging facial line to V-line baby face

V-Line Change Package

*IV Sedation

  • Mint lift

  • Acculift (Submentum)

  • Ulthera 500shots

Feel the instant V-line effect with the V-line best3 multiple procedure package which is effective on sagging, drooping cheeks, double chin, and irregular jaw line.

What is V-line package?

  • STEP 01

    V-line treatment by pulling up the skin using dissolving threads with spikes

  • STEP 02

    Double chin fat dissolving with micro laser

  • STEP 03

    Finishing off with high intensity ultrasound treatment for wrinkle improvement and skin firming

Grand Dermatology
All-In-One Package

  • 01Skin concerns improvement without any surgery and only non-invasive treatments

    Wrinkles, sagging neck, drooping eyes, wide pores, and dull skin will be improved to be healthy and younger without surgery and only with non-invasive treatments

  • 02Fast, simple treatment, no concerns on returning to daily life

    It is simple and quick package procedure done under local or sedative anesthesia. There are no severe swelling or bruising afterwards.

Please follow the instructions for
the best results of the surgery!

Before and after
surgery guide

After surgery
  • 1Skin may become red and have burning sensations for first several days after treatment. It is a natural symptom that occurs while new skin is being regenerated and it will subside as time passes.
  • 2Wash your face gently and apply plenty of hypoallergenic moisturizing cream.
  • 3Keep your hands clean at all times and avoid squeezing acne with unsterilized hands.
  • 4Follow the dermatologist's recommended life style and diet during treatment period.
  • 5It is important to avoid UV exposure after treatment. Make sure to apply sun block at least SPF30 with 3-4 hours of interval during outdoors activities.
  • 6Do not try to remove scabs that formed after treatment, and leave to fall off naturally.
  • 7Avoid drinking and smoking during treatment period.
  • 8Avoid weight lifting, running, sauna or public baths for the first week after treatment.

Postoperative swelling and bruising may vary depending on the individual's constitution


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